Through more than 3 decades of operations throughout the region we have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of Industrial Chemicals and Plastic Resins which we provide to various manufacturing industries.

ANDESIA QUIMICOS is highly recognized for the exclusive representation of global brands and its customer service program that allows for continuous and timely intercommunications of the status of the client’s orders as well as trends in local and international markets.

Our industrial Chemical portfolio consists of about 90 materials utilized in the production processes of industries such as food and beverages, rubber, footwear, construction, hydrocarbons, and agrochemical, among others.

For the plastic processing industry we have over 10 plastic resins and materials used in the process of injection, blow molding and extrusion.

If your company belongs to any of these sectors, feel free to contact us; we will surely satisfy your needs.

In February2008 the company received from BUREAU VERITAS the ISO9001 VERSION 2000 certification.


We are committed to developing our business activity under the guidance of the following values:

  • Superb customer service attitude

  • Respect

  • Transparency

  • Responsible management of our products and resources

  • Sense of Belonging


Our rigorous and detailed planning allows us to commit ourselves for delivery in the short and medium term, ensuring that the agreements accorded with our clients are fulfill establishing us as strategic partners with our clients.

Our exclusive representation of reputable international brands, efficiency in our logistic processes and economies of scale, consequence of the large volumes under our management; permits us to offer the most competitive prices and market conditions.